Suspense & Thrillers

Suspense & Thrillers

This page lists all of the Suspense & Thrillers books reviewed on Nightcap Books. These books are divided into seven subcategories – Domestic Suspense, Financial Thriller, Legal Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Romantic Suspense, and Technothriller. Lists are ordered by book title.

Domestic Suspense

Domestic Suspense books focus on interpersonal relationships and contain family drama. Domestic Suspense books are often slow building, focus on psychological aspects of characters, and contain little action.

Financial Thriller

Financial Thrillers focus on crimes involving the financial system or economy.

Legal Thriller

Legal Thrillers focus on the legal system and often have lawyers as the main characters.

Mystery Thriller

Mystery Thrillers are often fast-paced mysteries with twists and turns. The protagonist can be a hero or villain.

Psychological Thriller

Psychological Thrillers focus on the mental states of the characters. These books are often slow building and intense. Unreliable narrators and plot twists are common in psychological thrillers.

Romantic Suspense

Romantic Suspense books have romance along with the mystery.


Technothrillers are mysteries that include elements of science fiction.

Categories for books reviewed on Nightcap Books

Mystery books can be divided into multiple categories. Nightcap Books divides mysteries into Amateur Sleuths, Crime & Detective, Suspense & Thrillers, Young Adult, and Other Mysteries. Amateur sleuths is further divided into Amateur Investigator and Cozy Mystery. Crime & Detective is divided into Crime Fiction, Police Procedural, and Private Detective. Suspense & Thrillers include Domestic Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Legal Thriller, Financial Thriller, Technothriller, and Romantic Suspense. Young Adult is for mysteries with teens as the protagonists. Other Mysteries is for books that do not fall in one of the above mentioned categories. These include Historical Mystery and Paranormal Mystery.