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My last monthly update for 2018! I met my monthly reading goals this month, and have been planning my reading goals for next year. I’ll post my yearly reading wrap-up later today, and my reading goals for 2019 will be posted on Wednesday.

December Weekly Wrap-Ups

For a more detailed look at the books I’m reading, check out my weekly wrap-ups every Friday.

Week 1 – Weekly Wrap-Up (December 7)
Week 2 – Weekly Wrap-Up (December 14)
Week 3 – Weekly Wrap-Up (December 21)
Week 4 – Weekly Wrap-Up (December 28)

Monthly Update

The breakdown for my December reading is 6 physical books, 15 ebooks, and 21 audiobooks. Some of my favorite reads in December were My Favorite Half-Night Stand, Last Lullaby, Watching You, and I Let You Go.

Reading Challenges

My current reading status, as of 12/31/18.

Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge (450/450) Completed in September
A-Z Challenge (26/26) Completed in May
Color Challenge (15/15) Completed in October
Genre Bingo Challenge (24/24) Completed in June
Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge (12/12) Completed in July
Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge (50/50) Completed in October
Read Harder (24/24) Completed in July
Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge:
Season 5 books (25/25) Completed in June
Season 6 books (25/25) Completed in August
Season 7 books (25/25) Completed in November
A Year in the Life books (13/20) in progress
Book Riot’s 100 Must-Read Hilarious Books (55/100) in progress
Book Riot’s 100 Must-Read Books About Monsters (49/100) in progress


Books Approved: 107
Books Reviewed: 100
Feedback Ratio: 93%

Books Approved: 12
Books Reviewed: 6
Feedback Ratio: 50%

Thanks for stopping by Nightcap Books. Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “Reading Update: December 2018

  1. Great update Darinda. Lots of reading happened in December, I love it. Your four favorites are all ones that are on my TBR. I love that you were able to complete all your challenges except the last two for the year. Bravo. Happy New Year Darinda.

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