Reading Goals for 2020

Yearly Goals

Happy New Year!
New year. New reading goals.

1. Participate in reading challenges.
I’m planning on two yearly reading challenges. In the past, I’ve only done yearly challenges, but this year I want to incorporate more monthly or other short-term reading challenges.
· PopSugar
· Genre Bingo

2. Read more books that I own.
I have this goal every year, yet I continue to buy more and more books. Anyway, I normally don’t have a number goal to work toward, but this year I set one. I want to read at least 50 books that I own.

3. Catch up on book series.
I want to catch up on ongoing series and completed series.

Cheers to the New Year! Wishing you a year of good books and success with your reading goals. Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2020

  1. Happy New Year to you!!! I like your goals… I’m going to read lots of my own books too this year, I started reading more last year and it made me feel good :-). The only other goal (so far) is reading my first Christina Lauren book this year. I only decided it a few minutes ago but I feel I’m missing out by not knowing her books.

  2. I tried the genre bingo last year and there were too many that I just don’t read and don’t want to read, so am passing this year. I joined a challenge to finish series that you have already started. I picked out 3 to complete. Sounds like you have a great reading year coming up. Good luck reading those books on your shelf, I wish I could do that instead of reading new releases all the time, but there always seems to be a good one coming out.

    1. Hope you get caught up on your series reading too. I saw there were challenges for that, but decided not to sign up for another challenge. I am tracking what I read though, so I can tell if I’m making progress. Happy reading! 💜

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