Reading Goals for 2019

Yearly Goals

New year. New reading goals. I’m listing five bookish goals I’m working toward in 2019. Basically, I want to read a lot of books.

Read more books that I own.
My main goal for this year is to read what I already own. Of course, I will continue to read new releases and ARCs, but I own hundreds of books I haven’t read *hangs head in shame*, and I want to significantly reduce that number.

Read 350 books this year.
I want to read at least 350 books this year. That number includes adult and young adult print books, ebooks, and audiobooks. It does not include children’s, middle grade, graphic novels, or novellas.

Participate in reading challenges.
I’m participating in 9 reading challenges this year. The Goodreads challenge includes the total number of books I hope to read in 2019, but the other challenges will not have any crossover. Meaning, if I listen to an audiobook for the PopSugar challenge, I’ll count it for the PopSugar and Goodreads challenges but not the Audiobook Challenge.
· Goodreads – 350 books
· Audiobook – 50 books
· Colors – 18 books
· Genre Bingo – 24 books
· Library Love – 60 books
· Modern Mrs. Darcy – 10 books
· Netgalley & Edelweiss – 50 books
· PopSugar 50 books
· Read Harder – 24 books

Finish more book series.
Two things here:
1. Series that have ended and I want to finish.
2. Ongoing series that I want to get caught up on.

Post 5 days a week on the blog.
As for blogging goals, I’m going back to only posting Monday-Friday. I had started posting on weekends, but it became too time consuming. For the most part, my posts will be book reviews (Mon, Wed, Thu), Top Ten Tuesdays (Tue), and Weekly Wrap-Ups (Fri).

Cheers to the New Year! Wishing you a year of good books and success with your reading goals. Happy reading!

11 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2019

  1. Good luck on your goals!! 350 books is crazy!!! Are you a super fast reader? My best in 1 year was 100 and I included graphic novels and childrens books 😂 I like the finishing more series goal! I should do that haha

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I read fast, and often. 😉 I really want to catch up on series. I did a look over my TBR a while back, and it was full of books in series I had started. It never occurred to me that I had started so many series and not stayed current with them. Now that I’m aware, I want to tackle that goal this year. 😊

  2. Good luck Darinda. I don’t think I would be able to finish my challenges if I did not cross over. Good for you. Some realistic goals for you.

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