Reading Goals for 2018

Yearly Goals

Happy New Year!

I have several reading goals for 2018, but don’t plan on reading as much as last year. Of course, that could change.


Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge
I plan to read 250 books total. That includes adult, young adult, and middle grade books, but does not include children’s books.

Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge
I plan to do all 50 prompts that are on this year’s challenge.

A-Z Challenge
This is a new reading challenge for me. The idea is to read a book for each letter of the alphabet.

Color Challenge
This is another new reading challenge for me. This challenge has 15 prompts for reading books with different color covers.

Genre Bingo Challenge
Another new reading challenge for me. The idea of this one is to read the books on a book bingo card:

Genre Bingo

Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge
I plan on reading books for all 12 prompts on this year’s challenge.

Read Harder
I haven’t done this reading challenge before, but it looked like a fun one. There are 24 prompts on this challenge.

Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge
I hope to finish this reading challenge in 2018.

Bookriot’s 100 Must-Read Hilarious Books
I want to continue reading books on this list. I don’t plan on finishing the list, but I would like to read at least 35 more books on this list.

Bookriot’s 100 Must-Read Books About Monsters
Like the hilarious books, I plan to continue reading the books on this list. Again, I don’t plan on finishing the list, but another 35 books would be great.

That sums up my reading goals for 2018. It’s a lot, but I enjoy working on the different reading challenges, and since I tend to read a lot, I like to have a nice selection of challenges to choose from. I’ll be posting monthly updates on my reading, and I’ll do an individual post on each challenge to list all of the books that I’m reading.

As a nice surprise, I started 2018 off as the #1 top reviewer on Goodreads. Yay!!

Top reviewer on Goodreads

7 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2018

  1. Interesting look back. I added a couple more challenges this year as well as drop one. One challenge was a problem and got dropped pretty quickly, but it’s fun to challenge yourself into a variety of new challenges.

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