Reading Challenge: Colors 2019

2019 Reading Challenge

This challenge was listed in a Goodreads group that I participate in. The idea is to read books that have certain colors on their covers or in their titles. This challenge has 18 prompts, and I hope to complete all of them. Below is the list of prompts. After each prompt is the book I read. I will update this list as I continue to work on the challenge.

2/18 as of March 17, 2019

1. White or any shade of white in the cover – Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
2. Pink or any shade of pink in the cover
3. Red or any shade of red in the cover
4. Orange or any shade of orange in the cover – World War Z by Max Brooks
5. Yellow or any shade of yellow in the cover
6. Green or any shade of green in the cover
7. Light Blue or any shade of light blue in the cover
8. Dark Blue or any shade of dark blue in the cover
9. Purple or any shade of purple in the cover
10. Brown or any shade of brown in the cover
11. Black or any shade of black in the cover
12. A Metallic color in the cover
13. At least 5 colors on the cover
14. A geometric pattern on the cover
15. An ugly (to you) cover
16. Two or more color words in the title
17. The word โ€œColorโ€ in the title
18. A word describing color in the title

9 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: Colors 2019

  1. This one looks fun. I might give it a go. With all that I read I should be able to finish it, but you never know. I like that it just has to have the colour on the cover. I did one where the colour had to be at least 75% and it was tough. I will try it with 50% first, then drop down if I have to. I will do a post today or tomorrow. Thanks Darinda.

    1. I like this challenge because it’s a little different than the others ones I do. I’ve done this challenge once before, and it was surprising easy. I think there may have been one prompt that I had to search through my collection to find something. Then again, I like a challenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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