Murder Is a Must by Marty Wingate [Book Review]

Murder Is a Must by Marty Wingate

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Title: Murder Is a Must

Author: Marty Wingate

Publisher: Berkley

Publish Date: December 1, 2020

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Series: First Edition Library Mystery #2

My Rating: 4/5

Murder Is a Must by Marty Wingate


Hayley Burke, curator of Lady Fowling’s collection of first edition mysteries, is settling into her position at the First Edition Library in Middlebank House. She’s even made progress with Lady Fowling’s former secretary, the ornery Miss Woolgar. The women are busily preparing for an exhibition that will showcase Lady Fowling’s life and letters. Hayley knows the exhibition is a huge undertaking and decides, against her better judgement, to hire Oona Atherton, her former boss from the Jane Austen Centre to help with the planning.

Oona is known for being difficult, but all seems to be going swimmingly until she and Hayley uncover a one-page letter that alludes to a priceless edition of MURDER MUST ADVERTISE signed by several Golden Age of Mystery authors. Oona feels this book could be the focal point of the exhibition and becomes obsessed with finding it.

When they find clues that appear to point to the book being somewhere in the First Edition Library, Oona is certain she’s unraveled the mystery and texts Hayley the good news, but upon arriving back at Middlebank, Hayley finds her old boss dead at the bottom of the stairs. Did her discovery of the rare book get her killed or was it some angry shadow from her past? Hayley must read between the lines to catch a malicious murderer.

Murder Is a Must by Marty Wingate


Hayley Burke is the curator at Lady Georgiana Fowling’s First Edition library. The library is a mystery lovers dream, especially since it contains many Golden Age mysteries. Hayley and her former boss, Oona, are preparing a new exhibit. They plan to showcase Lady Fowling’s life and letters. During their planning, they learn a rare, signed book may be in the library. Of course, Oona wants to locate it. However, before the book is located, Oona is found dead. In addition to the murder investigation, Hayley also needs to find the missing book.

Murder Is a Must is the second book in the First Edition Library Mystery series. This book can be read as a standalone. However, I recommend reading the first book, The Bodies in the Library, before this one. A fabulous cozy series. Cozy readers, especially fans of Golden Age mysteries, are sure to enjoy.

The cast of characters is quirky and relatable. Hayley is a likable protagonist. She contains traits I enjoy in main female characters, such as being smart, witty, and hard-working. In addition to entertaining characters, the setting is charming. A delightful story with a light mystery, but it also includes other things happening in Hayley’s life.

A delightful cozy mystery. Recommended for fans of cozies, especially ones that feature books and libraries.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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