Murder at Greysbridge  by Andrea Carter [Book Review]

The Well of Ice by Andrea Carter

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Title: Murder at Greysbridge

Author: Andrea Carter

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

Publish Date: November 2, 2021

Genre: Amateur Investigator

Series: Inishowen Mysteries #4

My Rating: 4/5

Murder at Greysbridge by Andrea Carter


Summer has arrived in Inishowen and solicitor Benedicta (Ben) O’Keeffe is greatly tempted by a job offer from a law firm in America. Yet before making any life-changing decisions, there is her assistant Leah’s wedding to attend at the newly restored Greysbridge Hotel—with its private beach and beautiful pier.

The perfect location—but the festivities are brutally cut short when a young American, a visitor also staying at the hotel, drowns in full view of the wedding guests. And when a second death is discovered the same evening, Ben finds herself embroiled in a real country-house-murder-mystery, where all the guests are suspects.

Sergeant Tom Molloy’s appearance to investigate throws Ben into turmoil, especially when the pursuit of two runaways leads the pair to an island off the Donegal coast, where a violent storm traps them together, completely cut off from the mainland.

A deadly conspiracy is unfolding on this tiny North Atlantic island—fueled by the ruthless pursuit of money—careening toward disaster for the inhabitants—and for Ben.

Murder at Greysbridge by Andrea Carter


Murder at Greysbridge is the fourth book in the Inishowen Mysteries series. Benedicta (Ben) O’Keeffe is a local attorney in Glendara, a small town in northern Ireland. She has been involved with solving a few murder mysteries, and is drawn into a new one.

Ben’s assistant is getting married. The wedding is to be held at a renovated hotel that is rumored to be haunted. Ben’s investigative skills come in handy when not one, but two, hotel guests die. Along with the mystery, Ben has a lot happening in her personal and professional lives.

I recommend reading this series in order. While the mystery and some of the characters are new, the recurring characters have a history that progresses between books.

Murder at Greysbridge is an atmospheric mystery with an isolated setting. This series has similarities with cozy mysteries – small town setting, quirky characters, and an amateur sleuth, but it is darker than most cozies. Murder at Greysbridge is a gripping mystery. I can’t wait to read the next book.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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