March 2019 Reading Recap

Monthly Recap

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· print – 6
· ebooks – 12
· audiobooks – 15

· Goodreads – 106/350 – Read/listened to 33 books this month.
· Audiobook – 29/60 – Listened to 6 books this month.
· Colors – 4/18 – Read 3 books this month.
· Genre Bingo – 12/24 – Read/listened to 6 books this month.
· Library Love – 8/60 – Read 3 books this month.
· Modern Mrs. Darcy – 6/10 – Read/listened to 2 books this month.
· Netgalley & Edelweiss – 18/50 – Read 8 books this month.
· Popsugar – 23/50 – Listened to 4 books this month.
· Read Harder – 7/24 – Read 0 books this month.


1. A Beautiful Corpse by Christi Daugherty
2. The Stranger Inside by Jennifer Jaynes
3. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Camerson
4. My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing
5. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


· Call Me Evie by J.P. Pomare
· Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter
· Smash and Grab by Joe Albanese
· Only Child by Rhiannon Navin
· A Beautiful Corpse by Christi Daugherty
· And Then You Were Gone by R.J. Jacobs
· The Line Between by Tosca Lee
· The Banker’s Wife by Cristina Alger
· Little Lovely Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly
· Nothing to Lose by Victoria Selman
· Kill Code by Clive Fleury
· The Temp by Michelle Frances
· My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing
· I’m Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagán
· The River by Peter Heller
· Mother’s Day Mayhem by Lynn Cahoon
· My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite
· Before We Were Strangers by Brenda Novak

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✓1. Read more print books that I own. – I read 2 books I own this month.
✓2. Read 350 books this year. – I read/listened to 33 books this month.
✓3. Participate in reading challenges. – I read/listened to books for multiple reading challenges this month.
✓4. Finish more book series. – I caught up/finished 5 series this month.
✓5. Post 5 days a week on the blog. – I posted every weekday this month.

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3 thoughts on “March 2019 Reading Recap

  1. This is a fantastic list! Thank you! Thrillers/Suspense/Psychological Thrillers are my ALL-TIME favorite genre.I have a book that needs to be added to yourspring thriller reading list called “All the Broken People” by author Amy Rivers. The book follows Alice, a successful writer who’s haunted past puts her marriage and her life on hold. She decides to go to her husband’s hometown in Georgia to help her mother-in-law who fell and hurt herself. She is hoping this trip will help her marriage as well. There is a LOT about her husband’s past that she was unaware of and it doesn’t seem like her mother-in-law’s injury was an accident. This story really has everything that I look for in a novel: intrigue, suspense, horror, compassion, drama, and much more. Not only that, there are some fantastic a-ha! moments along the way. You can read about the book on the author’s website –
    If you do check it out let me know what you think!

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