Reading Goals for 2021

Reading Goals for 2021

Reading Goals for 2021

Happy New Year!

I’m keeping my reading goals for 2021 simple. Two goals.

  1. Read books on my TBR list.
  2. Participate in reading challenges.

Clear the TBR

In the past, I focused on reading books that I already own and catching up on series. This year, I simply want to reduce the number of books on my to-read list.

Over the past month, I’ve gone over my “want to read” shelf on Goodreads. That list includes books I own, books in series, and any other book that has caught my eye. Instead of tracking owned books and series read separately, I’ll just track the overall number of books read.

Reading Challenges

I like reading challenges, so I plan to continue doing those this year. For yearly challenges, I plan to do three – PopSugar, Mystery Genre Bingo, and Give Me a Clue.

PopSugar is a challenge I enjoy every year. This year’s challenge has 50 prompts, and I plan to do each one.

Mystery Genre Bingo is an altered version of the Genre Bingo challenge I’ve done in previous years. Instead of a variety of genres, I switched it up to be all mysteries – cozy, noir, domestic suspense, legal thriller, etc. Since most of the books on my TBR are mysteries and thrillers, I thought this would work better with my 2021 reading goals. My goal is to read 25 books for this challenge.

Give Us a Clue is a challenge posted in a Goodreads group – 2021 Reading Challenge. This challenge is based on the board game Clue. So, the prompts are based on the suspects, weapons, and rooms in the game. It’s a new challenge, and sounds fun. My goal is to read 30 books for this challenge.

In addition to the yearly challenges, I hope to participate in more monthly challenges. I’ll decide on these challenges throughout the year, but I’d like to do 6-8 short challenges.

Those are my reading goals for 2021. Cheers to the New Year! Wishing you a year of good books and success with your reading goals. Happy reading!

2020 Yearly Wrap-Up

2020 Reading Wrap-Up

2020 Yearly Wrap-Up

Welcome to my 2020 Reading Wrap-Up!

Whew! We made it through 2020. My reading life didn’t go quite as planned this year. However, I did manage to (mostly) meet my goals. Fortunately, I had set lower goals than usual, but it was still a challenge to get them met.


1. Participate in reading challenges.
I did two yearly reading challenges (PopSugar and Genre Bingo). Early in the year I did a couple of monthly challenges. I had hoped to do more monthly challenges, but I wasn’t motivated enough to keep up with them.

2. Read more books that I own.
I read some books that I own, but not as many as I had hoped. Still, I made some headway reading the books on my shelves at home.

3. Catch up on book series.
I didn’t track this goal very well. Well… I didn’t track this at all. I did read a lot of books in series though, so I feel like I made some headway on this one.


Genre Bingo – 24/24 completed in July
PopSugar – 50/50 completed in September


I read 255 books in 2020! I had an average rating of 3.6, so I mostly enjoyed the books that I read.

My biggest reading months were April and November. My slowest reading months were August and September.

Books Read per Month

I primarily read fiction: 94% fiction and 6% nonfiction. I read 240 fiction books, and I favored adult novels (221 books) over young adult novels (34 books). For adult fiction, I heavily favored mysteries and thrillers (138 books). Other adult genres I read included contemporary (24 books), horror/fantasy/sci-fi (19 books), and women’s fiction/romance (14 books). For young adult fiction, I favored sci-fi and fantasy (24 books). I read 15 nonfiction books. Of those, most were biographies/memoirs (6 books) and self-help (4 books).

I wanted to catch up on some series reading in 2020. I read 91 books that were part of a series. Unfortunately, I didn’t track if I completed any series. I should track that next year.

As for book format, I read 177 books (print and digital) and listened to 78 books.

Format of Books Read

Most books I read were published after 2000. Of the 237 books published after 2000, 140 of those were published in 2020. Clearly, I focused on reading new releases.

My greatest sources for books were OverDrive, Netgalley/Edelweiss, and my own bookshelves.

That’s it for my 2020 Reading Wrap-Up. Hope you met your reading goals for 2020. Happy reading in 2021!