Bookish Traditions: Advent Countdown to Christmas

Books for Advent Wrapped Books for Advent

Last year we started a new Advent tradition at our house – counting down the days using books. Since my son shares my love for books, this is a perfect family tradition for us. I wrapped up enough Christmas themed books for each day of Advent, and he gets to open one a day and we read it together. There is no particular order to the books, so we read whichever one he picks to open.

This is a fun tradition, and it’s also a great way to build our library of Christmas books. Most of the books we use are Christmas books, but there are a few snowmen/winter books in the mix too. Last year I bought a few new books to have enough for a book a day. This year I bought a few more, so we are continuing to grow our collection. I reuse the same books, so there is no need to buy a bunch of books each year.

One of the things my son loves about this is that he gets to unwrap a gift every day. He is 4-years-old, so at the perfect age for wanting to open all the presents. He loves being read to, and I love snuggling up and reading to my little guy. I’m so happy we started this tradition, and hope we get to continue it for many years.

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