The Whisper Man by Alex North [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: The Whisper Man

Author: Alex North

Publisher: Celadon Books

Publish Date: August 20, 2019

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 4/5

The Whisper Man by Alex North


In this dark, suspenseful thriller, Alex North weaves a multi-generational tale of a father and son caught in the crosshairs of an investigation to catch a serial killer preying on a small town.

After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Kennedy believes a fresh start will help him and his young son Jake heal. A new beginning, a new house, a new town. Featherbank.

But the town has a dark past. Twenty years ago, a serial killer abducted and murdered five residents. Until Frank Carter was finally caught, he was nicknamed “The Whisper Man,” for he would lure his victims out by whispering at their windows at night.

Just as Tom and Jake settle into their new home, a young boy vanishes. His disappearance bears an unnerving resemblance to Frank Carter’s crimes, reigniting old rumors that he preyed with an accomplice. Now, detectives Amanda Beck and Pete Willis must find the boy before it is too late, even if that means Pete has to revisit his great foe in prison: The Whisper Man.

And then Jake begins acting strangely. He hears a whispering at his window…

The Whisper Man by Alex North


Tom has had a hard time adjusting to life after his wife’s death. He decides to move, so he and his son Jake relocate to the small town of Featherbank. In Featherbank, a young boy has gone missing, and the case is linked to an older series of kidnappings and murders committed by The Whisper Man. The police caught The Whisper Man, Frank Carter, and he has been in prison for the last twenty years for those crimes. One of the detectives that worked the old cases questions Frank in the new missing boy case, but it’s difficult in find a direct link. Tom and Jake are brought into the case when Jake starts to hear the whispers.

Complex characters with realistic emotions and actions. Tom is a widower struggling with the loss of his wife and raising his seven-year-old son alone. Tom has problems, but he loves his son and wants the best for Jake. As for Jake, he’s a lonely and sad young boy. He does have a creative side though, and he is able to use that to express his emotions. Their move to a new town is designed to help them with a fresh start, but they end up moving somewhere with a disturbing past and a dangerous kidnapper/murdered on the loose.

The detectives work hard to solve the current missing child case. This is especially true for DI Pete Willis. He worked the original Whisper Man case, and has always been troubled by not finding the final missing boy in that investigation. He has continued to search for that boy for 20 years. With the new case, it seems he may be able to learn more about what happened to that last little boy.

A mystery thriller with a creepy side. The Whisper Man whispers to the children to coax them to him. The house that Tom and Jake move to is the scary house… as in it looks scary. It turns out to have some disturbing things associated with it too. This Whisper Man is an atmospheric mystery with intriguing characters and an intricate plot. Dark, chilling, and heartbreaking.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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