The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: The Two Lila Bennetts

Author: Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Publisher: Lake Union

Publish Date: July 23, 2019

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 3/5

The Two Lila Bennetts by Liza Fenton & Lisa Steinke


Lila Bennett’s bad choices have finally caught up with her. And one of those decisions has split her life in two. Literally.

In one life, she’s taken hostage by someone who appears to be a stranger but knows too much. As she’s trapped in a concrete cell, her kidnapper forces her to face what she’s done or be killed. In an alternate life, she eludes her captor but is hunted by someone who is dismantling her happiness, exposing one secret at a time.

Lila’s decorated career as a criminal defense attorney, her marriage, and her life are on the line. She must make a list of those she’s wronged—both in and out of the courtroom—to determine who is out to get her before it’s too late. But even if she can pinpoint her assailant, will she survive? And if she does, which parts of her life are worth saving, and which parts must die? Because one thing’s for certain—life as Lila Bennett knew it is over.

The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke


Lila Bennett has made some bad choices. She has now reached a decision that splits her life in two. In one life, she is taken hostage by someone who knows everything about her. In the other life, someone is after her, and exposes her secrets as she escapes capture.

Lila is a criminal defense attorney. She’s made plenty of enemies, so narrowing down who is after her proves challenging. She has made choices that impact her personal and professional lives. As those choices are revealed, her life is forever changed. Lila is not exactly likable. She’s lied to the people in her life for many years. She always has an excuse, but she knows that she’s done the wrong thing. When her life splits, she finally faces those choices and has to face the ones she has hurt.

The Two Lila Bennetts is an intriguing thriller about choices affecting our path in life, and having to face the consequences. Fast-paced, complex, and suspenseful.

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