The Line That Held Us by David Joy [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: The Line That Held Us

Author: David Joy

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Publish Date: August 14, 2018

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 4/5

The Line That Held Us by David Joy


When Darl Moody went hunting after a monster buck he’s chased for years, he never expected he’d accidentally shoot a man digging ginseng. Worse yet, he’s killed a Brewer, a family notorious for vengeance and violence. With nowhere to turn, Darl calls on the help of the only man he knows will answer, his best friend, Calvin Hooper. But when Dwayne Brewer comes looking for his missing brother and stumbles onto a blood trail leading straight back to Darl and Calvin, a nightmare of revenge rips apart their world. The Line That Held Us is a story of friendship and family, a tale balanced between destruction and redemption, where the only hope is to hold on tight, clenching to those you love. What will you do for the people who mean the most, and what will you grasp to when all that you have is gone? The only certainty in a place so shredded is that no one will get away unscathed.

The Line That Held Us by David Joy


Darl goes deer hunting and accidentally shoots a man. When he realizes who the man is, and that he is the brother of a very violent man, Darl enlists the help of his best friend Calvin to dispose of the body. The dead man’s brother, Dwayne, starts looking for him and finds the path leads to Darl.

The Line That Held Us is a story about revenge. This novel starts with Darl doing something bad – hunting in the off season – and gets much, much worse. Dwayne’s grief leads him down a brutal path of vengeance.

The characters are compelling, but a little stereotypical. Darl isn’t really likable. He’s the kind of guy who breaks the rules and makes poor decisions, but isn’t necessarily a bad person. Calvin is a stand-up guy though, and I liked him. He’s a hard-working man who is loyal to his family and friends. Dwayne’s got a reputation for violence, but he’s also kind of creepy. He’s a cruel man with a bad temper.

A gritty and intense novel about love and vengeance. Dark, gruesome, and suspenseful.

6 thoughts on “The Line That Held Us by David Joy [Book Review]

  1. Great review! I loved this one. After reading it I couldn’t believe I felt empathy for Darl and his situation. I thought that was good writing.

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