Book Review: The Legends of Eve by Anonymous

The Legends of Eve by Anonymous

Title: The Legends of Eve
Author: Anonymous
Publisher: DreamWords Publishing
Publish Date: January 27, 2019

Everyone is a part of the Circle of Time, eternally reliving the same life. But Destrou is the anomaly. And this is his first chance at life—maybe his last, if everything works out.

S’rae is a lonely girl born light-years after Destrou. Before she could achieve her dream to graduate top of her class at the School of Wind, the professor tells her she is one of the twelve destined students from the three elemential schools chosen to visit the Valley of Gaia. Fun, right? Except this destiny was written by the blood of Gods and no one has seen the Valley in over three thousand years.

How are they linked?

Destrou has a book written about his life, which has been bound away since the beginning of time.

And S’rae is destined to read it.

At first, reading a book to uncover a secret seems foolish until S’rae finds herself with the ability to affect its world, watching the words of his life change before her eyes. But that’s nothing compared to the shadows plotting to kill them to make sure Destrou’s secret is not told.

As S’rae is drawn deeper into the book, it teaches her that no one ever truly knows when they’re the villain in someone else’s story. Not only must she find the courage to face impossible choices and figure out how she’s connected to Destrou, but she must battle the dark secrets in her own heart that tell her she may be the villain in her story.

The Legends of Eve by Anonymous
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A creative fantasy world full of magic and prophecies. In this world, people are separated by their elements (Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire). Twelve students are chosen, or destined, to go to the Valley of Gaia to learn magic. Once there, the students are also taught from The Book of Eve.

Two stories are being told. One story is about Destrou. The other story centers around S’rae. S’rae is a student reading a book about Destrou’s life. The two stories are intriguing, but the flow of the story was sometimes disrupted due to sudden transitions between timelines.

A complex story of secrets and adventures. This is a fairly long book that took a while for me to read. The worldbuilding was fantastic, but so much happens that I kept losing focus. This is the first book in a series, so I completely understand the need for a solid foundation for the magical world. That said, there were so many characters and things happening, the story sometimes became confusing.

Overall, an interesting magical world to get lost in. Imaginative, adventurous, and entertaining.

I received a free eARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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