Book Review: The Heirs by Susan Rieger

The Heirs by Susan Rieger

The Heirs
by Susan Rieger

Synopsis: After the family patriarch dies, his widow and five sons are faced with a woman who sues his estate claiming she had two sons with him. The grieving family are all upset with this claim and are unsure if they should believe it.

I enjoyed the writing and the way the story was told. Each chapter was from a different character’s viewpoint, but still remained third-person.

The family was very wealthy, and a bit dysfunctional. I enjoyed Eleanor, the widow, most of all. She was much more complex than she first appeared. The sons all had different personalities, and the family dynamics were entertaining to read.

I wavered on how to rate this book. It’s short – something of this length I would normally read in one sitting, but this one took me a few days. Though it was well-written, it didn’t always hold my interest. Also, I didn’t like the ending.

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