Book Review: The Ghost, The Owl by Franco

The Ghost, The Owl by Franco

The Ghost, The Owl
by Franco

One evening, a ghost of a young girl appears in a swamp. She doesn’t remember who she is or why she is there, and a kindly owl offers to help her.

A short graphic novel. I liked the artwork, but wasn’t a fan of how the ghost was drawn. Everything else was excellent though.

A simple and quick read. A ghost needs to find closure. An owl offers to help, despite the fact that animals are not to interfere in human affairs. As they search for answers about the ghost, they are led to a nearby cabin, where a human is in danger.

Good for older kids. This story has a great message of kindness, but gets a little dark.

I received a digital copy of this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book’s expected publication is in May 2018.

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