The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: The Favorite Sister

Author: Jessica Knoll

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publish Date: May 15, 2018

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 3/5

The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll



Brett and Kelly have always toed the line between supportive sisters and bitter rivals. Growing up, Brett was the problem child, in the shadow of the brilliant and beautiful Kelly. In adulthood, all that has changed. Kelly is a struggling single mother and Brett has skyrocketed to such meteoric success, which has been chronicled on a reality TV show called Goal Diggers.

When Kelly manipulates herself onto the show and into Brett’s world, Brett is right to be threatened. Kelly, and only Kelly, knows her younger sister’s appalling secret, and it could ruin her.

Still, when the truth comes out in the explosive final weekend of filming, neither of them ever expected that the season would end in murder

The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll


Five competitive and successful women star in a reality series called Goal Diggers. The star of the show is Brett, the lesbian. The new girl on the show is Kelly, Brett’s sister. Stephanie is the oldest cast member, and the only black woman. Lauren is the party girl. Jen is the hippie. Each woman has a role to play, and each woman will do anything to ensure her contract is renewed for the next season. The producers expect fighting and reconciliations, but they don’t expect the season to end in murder.

The Favorite Daughter is told with alternating points of view and multiple timelines. The timelines are before and after the murder. The before chapters are told from Brett and Stephanie’s viewpoints. The after chapters are told from Kelly’s viewpoint. Most of the story is told before the murder.

Each of the women is a stereotype (lesbian, new girl, black girl, party girl, and hippie), and each needs to play her part to keep her role on the show. It’s actually pretty funny with how each woman tries to present herself. I imagine this is somewhat true with reality shows. Each cast member has a part to play, and they are produced to maintain that persona. No regard to reality is actually considered.

The writing of The Favorite Daughter starts slow and confusing. At about 35% into the book, I got into the flow and started to distinguish between characters better. Once that happened, I was more engaged with the story, and wanted to know what really happened between the women.

The Favorite Daughter is a light read. A story full of secrets, lies, fights, and mean girls. The Favorite Daughter is a fun guilty pleasure book. Entertaining, dramatic, and scandalous.

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    1. Thanks! I own a copy of the Luckiest Girl Alive, but haven’t read it yet. I kept meaning to read it first, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. I’ve read some reviews that say it’s better than The Favorite Sister, so I definitely need to pick it up soon and read it.

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