The Elizas by Sara Shepard [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: The Elizas

Author: Sara Shepard

Publisher: Atria Books

Publish Date: April 17, 2018

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 3/5

The Elizas by Sara Shepard


When Eliza Fontaine is rescued from the bottom of a hotel pool just a few weeks before her first novel is going to be published, her family assumes that it’s another failed suicide attempt. But Eliza swears she was pushed. The problem is she remembers little of that night, a result of the large quantity of alcohol she consumed and a worsening struggle with memory loss due to a brain tumor. Feeling ignored and vulnerable, she decides she must find the truth of what actually happened.

As she searches for answers, something very peculiar begins to happen: The people closest to her start to confuse the events in her novel with those in her real life. The dividing line between fact and fiction seems to be dissolving, and even Eliza is becoming uncertain about where her protagonist’s story ends and hers begins. She glimpses a shadowy presence hovering nearby, a mirror image of herself…but is it all in her head or is there really someone following her, studying her, wishing to do her harm? Perhaps the answers to all her questions already exist in the pages of her novel, if only she could put the pieces together in the right way.

The Elizas is a heart-pounding, Hitchcockian double narrative composed of secrets, lies, false memories, and an unreliable narrator you’ll never forget.

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When Eliza is found in a hotel pool, she claims she was pushed, but her family thinks it was another one of her suicide attempts. That’s right, another attempt. It seems Eliza has made several suicide attempts. Eliza has a hard time convincing anyone that someone pushed her, so she investigates on her own.

Eliza is dealing with two main issues in this story. One, she was found in a pool. She can’t swim, and her family believes she tried to kill herself, but Eliza is convinced someone pushed her. The other issue concerns Eliza’s new book that is about to be published. She’s excited about it, but her family doesn’t want the book out, and Eliza can’t quite figure out why they feel that way.

Told from Eliza’s point of view, who seems to be an unreliable narrator since she has a gap in her memory. Eliza spent some time in a hospital recovering from an illness. This time of her life is a little hazy. However, Eliza’s growing paranoia does seem justified with the way things are going in her life.

The Elizas is a slow building psychological thriller. This is lighter than a lot of adult thrillers, so a good intro for people looking to read more thrillers, but not interested in too heavy of a story. Dark, chaotic, and suspenseful.

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