Book Review: The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson

The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson

The Almost Sisters
by Joshilyn Jackson

Synopsis: A dysfunctional Southern family learns secrets about one another.

The main character is Leia Birch Briggs, a 38 year-old white woman from a traditional Southern family. She works as a comic book artist. She’s done the artwork for other’s graphic novels, but she also wrote a popular graphic novel. One that did well enough that she’s under contract to write the origin story for her character. I liked that the main character was a nerd. She loved graphic novels, Wonder Woman, and other nerdy type things.

At the beginning of the novel, Leia finds out she’s pregnant… From a one night stand. At a comic convention. With a guy dressed as Batman. Also, Batman was a black guy. So, not something she’s excited to tell her family. Also, she doesn’t remember the guy’s name or how to contact him.

Shortly after discovering she’s pregnant, Leia is summoned to Alabama to help her grandmother Birchie. With the help of her best friend Wattie, Birchie has been hiding her illness and dementia. However, while at a social event, Birchie acts very unlike herself and her secret is out. After Leia arrives in Birchville, Alabama, she finds out Birchie wasn’t only hiding her illness, but also other, darker secrets.

While dealing with all of this, Leia is also trying to help her stepsister Rachel. Rachel’s marriage is in trouble and Leia wants to help, but usually Rachel’s the one fixing everyone else’s problems. Rachel and her daughter Lavender end up in Birchville with Leia, Birchie, and Wattie.

This novel is humorous, yet deals with difficult topics. I loved the writing. It was an enjoyable read and stayed up late to finish this novel. I haven’t read anything by Joshilyn Jackson before, but now I want to pick up some other books by her.

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