Book Review: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

The Alice Network
by Kate Quinn

The story of two women – one a spy during World War I and the other an American socialite. Their lives are intertwined in 1947 while Charlie, the American socialite, looks for her cousin who hasn’t been heard from since World War II. In Charlie’s search for her cousin, she encounters Eve, a woman haunted by her past. The two women go on a mission to find Charlie’s cousin and confront an evil from Eve’s past.

This story is told from two viewpoints and two timelines. The 1915 timeline is about Eve and her days as a spy during World War I. The 1947 timeline is about Charlie and Eve. In 1947, Charlie is nineteen, pregnant, unwed, and unsure about her future, while Eve is a bitter, drunk, and slightly violent woman in her fifties.

Eve’s story was very interesting. She was a spy for The Alice Network in 1915, and was haunted by that past in her later life. Eve was a complex character that never was truly what she appeared to be. A most intriguing character.

Charlie wasn’t as interesting as Eve, but I still enjoyed her story. At first, she appeared timid and insecure, but she grew as her story progressed.

Eve and Charlie both felt real. They had weaknesses and insecurities, but they also had amazing strength and determination.

I loved that Kate Quinn mixed some historical truths in her fictional novel. There really were spies that were part of the Alice network in 1915. Some of the characters were based on real people, but the story and most of the characters were largely created with Quinn’s imagination.

An enjoyable read. Recommended for fans of historical fiction.

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