Book Review: Sorry (Really Sorry) by Joanna Cotler

Sorry (Really Sorry) by Joanna Cotler

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Title: Sorry (Really Sorry)
Author: Joanna Cotler
Illustrator: Harry Bliss
Publisher: Philomel Books
Publish Date: April 7, 2020
Genre: Childrens – Picture Book
Series: na
My Rating: 3/5


A sweet and thoughtful picture book about how one act of kindness can change the world, written by publishing legend Joanna Cotler and illustrated by New York Times bestseller Harry Bliss.

Cow was in a nasty mood. When Duck came along Cow kicked mud in her face.
“Why’d you do that?” asked Duck.
“I felt like it,” said Cow. “And I’m not sorry.”

Little did Cow know that her bad mood would spread to the whole farm. But it does when Cow passes her anger along to Duck who takes it out on Frog who is mean to Bird who upsets Goat who bothers Pig. Until good-hearted Dog turns things around by showing kindness to Pig, turning not sorry into sorry (really sorry). But will that be enough to mend all of the hurt feelings on the farm?

With a charming text by Joanna Cotler and beautiful artwork by New York Times bestseller Harry Bliss, this is a picture book about the power of reactivity and how to diffuse it with love. Being sorry (really sorry) can make a world of difference and make your world different too.

Sorry (Really Sorry) by Joanna Cotler
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The day starts with Cow in a bad mood. When Cow is mean to Duck, the bad mood spreads, and nobody is sorry for their behavior or hurtful words. When Dog responds with kindness, the other animals learn to be sorry, really sorry, about their behavior.

A sweet story about being sorry for bad behavior. The animals on the farm are quick with their bad behavior when things aren’t going their way, but a positive attitude and saying “sorry” goes a long way. Adorable illustrations. Cute picture book with a positive message.

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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