Book Review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

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Title: Lock Every Door
Author: Riley Sager
Publisher: Dutton
Publish Date: July 2, 2019
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Series: n/a
Goodreads Ratings: Me 5.0 / Community 4.20

from Amazon:
The next heart-pounding thriller from New York Times bestselling author Riley Sager follows a young woman whose new job apartment sitting in one of New York’s oldest and most glamorous buildings may cost more than it pays.

No visitors. No nights spent away from the apartment. No disturbing the other residents, all of whom are rich or famous or both. These are the only rules for Jules Larsen’s new job as an apartment sitter at the Bartholomew, one of Manhattan’s most high-profile and mysterious buildings. Recently heartbroken and just plain broke, Jules is taken in by the splendor of her surroundings and accepts the terms, ready to leave her past life behind.

As she gets to know the residents and staff of the Bartholomew, Jules finds herself drawn to fellow apartment sitter Ingrid, who comfortingly reminds her of the sister she lost eight years ago. When Ingrid confides that the Bartholomew is not what it seems and the dark history hidden beneath its gleaming facade is starting to frighten her, Jules brushes it off as a harmless ghost story . . . until the next day, when Ingrid disappears.

Searching for the truth about Ingrid’s disappearance, Jules digs deeper into the Bartholomew’s sordid past and into the secrets kept within its walls. What she discovers pits Jules against the clock as she races to unmask a killer, expose the building’s hidden past, and escape the Bartholomew before her temporary status becomes permanent.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager
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Jules gets a job that sounds too good to be true. An apartment sitting job in one of Manhattan’s most famous apartment buildings. Not only does she get to live in the amazing apartment, but she gets paid for it too. When things seem to be too good to be true, they usually are, and Jules finds herself living in a mysterious building with a dark past.

Jules is a strong, smart, and independent protagonist. She is at a low point in her life… she recently lost her job and her boyfriend, and is sleeping on her best friend’s couch. When she gets an apartment sitting job that pays well, she thinks things are starting to turn around. She even makes a friend soon after moving into the new place. When that friend disappears, Jules is compelled to find out what happened to her. Jules uses her strengths to uncover what is happening in the historic building.

I’ve enjoyed Riley Sager’s previous books, and this one was high on my to-read list for this year. I’m happy to report it was one of the best books I’ve read this year. Fans of Sager’s other books will likely enjoy this one too.

An addictive read. Amazing atmospheric setting of a historic apartment building. Compelling plot that kept me guessing. Intriguing characters. A must-read for fans of psychological thrillers. Creepy, intense, and suspenseful.

I received a free advance digital copy from Penguin’s First to Read program in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. Thanks, Shalini! I haven’t been loving many books lately, but this one really worked for me. Hope you get the chance to read it. 💜

  1. Wonderful review Darinda. I have not read anything by Riley Sanger, but this one is on my list for the summer. I hope I can get to it.

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