Book Review: Just Another Week in Suburbia by Les Zig

Just Another Week in Suburbia by Les Zig

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Title: Just Another Week in Suburbia
Author: Les Zig
Publisher: Pantera Press
Publish Date: September 1, 2017
Genre: Contemporary
Series: na
My Rating: 4/5


Casper Gray goes to bed a happily married man.
He wakes up questioning whether everything is a lie.
Life in suburbia holds few surprises for Casper. He and his wife Jane are still trying for a baby after seven years. His neighbours have their quirks to be navigated. And his job as a high school teacher, while satisfying, comes with its challenges.
Every day is much like the one before – that is, until Casper makes a discovery that threatens everything he knows… As Casper’s fears grows into obsessions, his world starts to unravel.
Just Another Week in Suburbia is a story about love, trust, and insecurity, and the question of whether you can ever really know another person.

Just Another Week in Suburbia by Les Zig
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Casper lives the typical suburban life. One morning, he finds something in his wife’s purse that changes everything.

The story was told from Casper’s point of view. After making a discovery about his wife, he started to question things. The book covered one week of Casper’s life, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.

Realistic and relatable. Casper and his wife seemed to live the average, kind of boring suburban life. After Casper started to question his marriage, he encountered additional issues in life. His work life got more complicated and his feud with his neighbor escalated. At first, I wasn’t a fan of Casper. He was too weak. He struggled with insecurity, but his awareness lead to his growth as the story progressed. In the end, I found myself rooting for Casper. I wanted things to turn around in his life.

I was expecting this to be a slower read, but I flew through this book. Sure, the mundane and every day life was covered, but this well-written book had enough going on that I wanted to know how the story would end.

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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