Book Review: In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson

In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson

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Title: In Her Eyes
Author: Sarah Alderson
Publisher: Mulholland Books
Publish Date: November 14, 2019
Genre: Mystery – Thriller
Series: na
My Rating: 4/5


You’re at home with your family.
You think you’re safe.
You’re wrong…

Ava’s life is the kind other people envy: loving husband; great kids; beautiful house. Until the night a violent home invasion turns the dream into a nightmare, and leaves her beautiful daughter fighting to survive.

And then things get worse. Ava realises that the attack wasn’t random. Someone is targeting her family. Why? Who could hate them enough to kill?

Ava must find out what really happened that night, to save those she loves from even greater danger. But when everyone around you has been lying, how do you decide who to trust?

And Ava has secrets of her own…

For fans of The Silent Patient, The Wife Between Us and Perfect Child, In Her Eyes is a dark and twisty thriller. You’re about to find out that home is where the hate is.

In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson
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Ava, her husband, and her teen daughter are home one night during a home invasion. The burglary turns violent, leaving Ava’s daughter fighting for survival in the hospital. Ava soon realizes the attack was not random. She delves into her family’s lives to find out who the attackers were. It seems everyone in the family has been keeping secrets, including Ava.

A fast-paced and exciting mystery. What started as a night out, ended with a violent home invasion. Ava soon realizes she needs to find out what has been going on with her family to solve the mystery of why they were targeted. Everyone is lying and keeping secrets, including Ava. As more secrets are revealed, the story gets more complex and intriguing.

A well-written and twisty thriller. I enjoy books that keep me turning the pages, and this one was so gripping I stayed up late to finish reading it. Addictive, suspenseful, and clever.

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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