Book Review: Grist Mill Road by Christopher J. Yates

Grist Mill Road by Christopher J. Yates

Grist Mill Road
by Christopher J. Yates

In 1982, Matthew, Patrick, and Hannah are linked together through a terrible crime. Twenty-six years later, they reconnect.

A dark story told with two timelines, 1982 and 2008. Each chapter was about a main character (Matthew, Patrick, or Hannah), though some were told in first person point of view and others were third person. The back and forth between timelines, characters, and points of view slowed the pace of the story.

The first chapter in the book tells the tragic crime that occurred in their youth, and the following chapters fill in the blanks of what led to that event. There seemed to be a lot of filler in the book, like food blogging, geology, the history of cement, and even explanations of political aspirations of a character’s father. While some of this information may have been interesting, it bogged down the story and didn’t provide much insight into the characters. I never felt connected to anyone in the story, and didn’t much care what happened to any of them. For me, the ending left too many unanswered questions.

I received a copy of this book from Picador and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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