Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: Cross Her Heart

Author: Sarah Pinborough

Publisher: William Morrow

Publish Date: September 4, 2018

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 4/5

Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough


Lisa is living a lie and everyone is about to find out.

Lisa lives for her daughter Ava, her job and her best friend Marilyn.

But when a handsome client shows an interest in her, Lisa starts daydreaming about sharing her life with him, too. Maybe she’s ready now. Maybe she can trust again. Maybe it’s time to let her terrifying secret past go.

But when her daughter rescues a boy from drowning and their pictures are all over the news for everyone to see, Lisa’s world explodes.

As she finds everything she has built threatened, and not knowing who she can trust, it’s up to Lisa to face her past in order to save what she holds dear.

But someone has been pulling all their strings. And that someone is determined that both Lisa and Ava must suffer.

Because long ago Lisa broke a promise. And some promises aren’t meant to be broken.

Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough


Lisa has a quiet life that she enjoys with her daughter Ava. However, Lisa is a woman hiding from her past. When Ava saves a boy from drowning, Lisa’s past is brought into the spotlight. Ava’s life ends up in jeopardy because of the secrets Lisa has been keeping.

Told using multiple points of view – Lisa, Ava, and Marilyn (Lisa’s best friend). This story focuses on Lisa and Ava, but also includes some chapters from Marilyn’s POV. Since Lisa and Ava both have things going on in their lives that the other isn’t aware of, the different viewpoints really work. The addition of Marilyn’s viewpoint was interesting, but could go either way. On one hand, it could have been eliminated and the story would still work, but, at the same time, I wanted to know more about Marilyn and her story.

This book is twisty and does have a lot going on in it. For the most part, the reader is kept in the dark about what happened in Lisa’s past and who is behind the current troubles. A slow build up of the story, but a rushed ending. I was a little disappointed in the ending, mainly because it felt too abrupt, but this was still a good psychological thriller. Intense, suspicious, and twisted.

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10 thoughts on “Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough [Book Review]

  1. I didn’t enjoy this one personally as I found the characters really annoying! I’m glad you liked it! I will definitely be reading her first book Behind Her Eyes as I’ve heard that one is the better of the two ?

  2. Nice review Darinda. I have this one on my TBR and have read mixed reviews. I can understand how some people will not be happy if it is a slow build up.

    1. Thank you, Carla! I saw there were a lot of mixed reviews before I read it too. Maybe I went in with lower expectations, but I ended up enjoying it.

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