Book Review: Bonfire by Krysten Ritter

Bonfire by Krysten Ritter

by Krysten Ritter

Abby left her home town 10 years ago, right after she graduated high school. She has since become an environmental law attorney, and her newest case takes her back to the small town she grew up in. The new case brings the company that is the biggest economic support in her old town under fire for pollution. While back in town working the pollution case, Abby begins to suspect there is a connection between the disappearance of a classmate ten years ago and a current scandal in the community.

Young woman returns home after years away. Small town scandal. Mean girls. From the book description, I was expecting more of an environmental crime thriller. It was a mystery thriller, but didn’t have much to do with environmental crimes.

Complex characters in a fast-paced story. I love strong female protagonists, and Abby fit that category. I was a bit disappointed that Abby seemed to waver some in strength toward the end of the novel.

A thrilling debut novel. Well-written and easy to read. The ending seemed a little rushed, but overall a great read. Good for fans of Sharp Objects, The Lying Game, and The Good Daughter.

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