A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell [Book Review]

Book Review

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Title: A Stranger on the Beach

Author: Michele Campbell

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publish Date: July 23, 2019

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Series: na

My Rating: 3/5

A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell


Caroline Stark’s beach house was supposed to be her crowning achievement: a lavish, expensive space to showcase what she thought was her perfect family. But after a very public fight with her husband, she realizes things may not be as perfect as they seem: her husband is lying to her, the money is disappearing, and there’s a stranger on the beach outside her house.

As Caroline’s marriage and her carefully constructed lifestyle begin to collapse around her, she turns to Aidan, the stranger, for comfort…and revenge. After a brief and desperate fling that means nothing to Caroline and everything to him, Aidan’s infatuation with Caroline, her family, and her house becomes more and more destructive. But who is manipulating whom in this deadly game of obsession and control? Who will take the blame when someone ends up dead…and what is Caroline hiding?

A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell


Caroline Stark is living the dream life. Well, until her husband shows up late to their housewarming party… and with another woman. As Caroline’s marriage falls apart, so does her fancy life. When Caroline meets a stranger on the beach, Aiden, they have a brief fling. It’s clear from the start that Aiden’s feelings are stronger for Caroline than hers for him.

A Stranger on the Beach is told with the alternating points of view of Caroline and Aiden. Caroline’s POV is first person, while Aiden’s is third person. It’s clear their stories don’t match, but which one is lying is not clear. An entertaining unreliable narrator psychological thriller.

A Stranger on the Beach is the second book I’ve read by Michele Campbell, and I enjoyed this one slightly more than She Was the Quiet One. For avid readers of domestic suspense, A Stranger on the Beach isn’t too hard to figure out. Still, it was a fun, fast-paced read. Suspenseful and exciting.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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