Book Review: A Smidge of Crazy by Barbara Venkataraman

A Smidge of Crazy by Barbara Venkataraman

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Title: A Smidge of Crazy
Author: Barbara Venkataraman
Publisher: Independently published
Publish Date: March 14, 2018
Genre: Humor
Series: na
My Rating: 3/5


A collection of humorous insights into important topics ranging from being targeted by annoying ads (“Nowhere to Hide”), to resorting to symbols when you’ve forgotten your words (“At a Loss for Words”), to figuring out what door that extra key opens (“My Extra Key”). Other essays examine how sitting is the new smoking (whatever that means), what it means to have stamina, and why it is just so hard to focus when you have the attention span of a gnat.

A Smidge of Crazy by Barbara Venkataraman
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A humorous collection of essays. A variety of topics told in amusing ways. Some laugh out loud funny parts, and plenty of nodding your head in agreement parts. A quick and entertaining read.

List of essays:
1. “Nowhere to Hide” – internet ads
2. “At a Loss for Words” – words and symbols
3. “A Smidge of Crazy” – sounds that annoy
4. “My Extra Key” – mystery key
5. “Let Them Eat Cake” – cake decorating
6. “Mental Health Day” – doctor appointments
7. “Don’t Mind Me — As I Read Over Your Shoulder” – Kindle tracking
8. “The New Me” – activism
9. “A New Year’s Tale” – busyness
10. “The World Turned Upside Down” – activism
11. “Ode to Howard Parks” – vigilance
12. “Try to Focus” – scatterbrain
13. “What’s Your Thunder?” – fears
14. “Family Ties” – small world
15. “Sitting is the New Smoking” – whatever that means

I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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