Book Review: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank by Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss

4 Kids Walk into a Bank by Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss

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Title: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank
Author: Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss
Publisher: Black Mask Comics
Publish Date: November 21, 2017
Genre: Graphic Novel – Young Adult
Series: na
My Rating: 4/5


4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK is the darkly comedic story of four burgeoning child criminals and their elaborate plans.When a group of bumbling criminals show up in her father’s life looking to pull one last job, young Paige has two choices — let her father get caught up in their criminal hijinks or enlist her three best friends to do the job first. Paige picks the bad one.180ish pages of full color comic-booking about friendship, family, growing up, and grand larceny from rising star writer Matthew Rosenberg (WE CAN NEVER GO HOME, KINGPIN, SECRET WARRIORS) and equally rising star artist Tyler Boss (LAZARUS, CALEXIT, Vice Magazine). This volume collects the complete series that Kieron Gillen (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, DARTH VADER) described as “Imagine Tarantino does Goonies. And excellent.” And Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, Y THE LAST MAN) said was “Exploding with ambition and love of the medium!”

4 Kids Walk into a Bank by Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss
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A graphic novel about a group of kids (11 and 12 years olds) that decide to rob a bank. The kids are hanging out at Paige’s house when they first encounter a group of ex-cons her father knows. The kids figure out that the thugs are planning to rob a bank and want to involve her father. Since the ex-cons are not that bright, Paige decides she and her friends should rob the bank first to help out her father.

This is a crime caper that also deals with friendships and growing up. The kids are each smart and unique, and are basically outcasts from their peers. I liked the honesty and humor in the story, but it did get pretty dark. This story does have some bawdy humor, bad language, and a mature theme, so not really for younger kids.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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