Amateur Sleuths

Amateur Sleuths

This page lists all of the Amateur Sleuths books reviewed on Nightcap Books. These books are divided into two subcategories – Amateur Investigator and Cozy Mystery. Lists are ordered by book title.

Amateur Investigator

Amateur Investigator books have a plot that revolves around a crime solved by someone not in the law enforcement profession. The amateur investigator may be a journalist, attorney, or someone else with an interest in the crime. These books are not cozy mysteries because they include violence, profanity, and/or sex.

Cozy Mystery

Cozy Mysteries have a plot that revolves around a crime solved by an amateur. The main character is often female, educated, and works in a field that has no connection to law enforcement (baker, b&b owner, gardener, librarian, book store owner, etc). The setting is often a small town, so that it’s understandable for the amateur sleuth to know the suspects. Cozy mysteries are light on violence, profanity, and sex.

Categories for books reviewed on Nightcap Books

Mystery books can be divided into multiple categories. Nightcap Books divides mysteries into Amateur Sleuths, Crime & Detective, Suspense & Thrillers, Young Adult, and Other Mysteries. Amateur sleuths is further divided into Amateur Investigator and Cozy Mystery. Crime & Detective is divided into Crime Fiction, Police Procedural, and Private Detective. Suspense & Thrillers include Domestic Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Legal Thriller, Financial Thriller, Technothriller, and Romantic Suspense. Young Adult is for mysteries with teens as the protagonists. Other Mysteries is for books that do not fall in one of the above mentioned categories. These include Historical Mystery and Paranormal Mystery.