2022 Mystery Genre Bingo

mystery genre bingo

Welcome to the Mystery Genre Bingo challenge!

This reading challenge focuses on mysteries and thrillers. The idea is to create a bingo card with a variety of mystery subgenres and make as many “bingos” as you want. You can set a goal to get one bingo, completely fill in the bingo card, or something in between.

The 2022 Mystery Genre Bingo challenge has 25 prompts. This is a great challenge for readers who enjoy mysteries.

I love to read mysteries, so my goal is to fill in a bingo card. My card for this year is posted below. I will update this post as I work on this year’s challenge. Please comment below with your challenge goals. Good luck and happy reading!

To make a bingo card, visit the Bingo Card Generator. Enter the following information:

  • Card Title: 2022 Mystery Genre Bingo
  • Word List: Amateur Sleuth, Caper, Cozy Mystery, Detective, Domestic Suspense, Golden Age Mystery, Historical Mystery, Hardboiled, Legal Thriller, Locked Room Mystery, Medical Thriller, Middle Grade Mystery, Murder Mystery, Mystery Thriller, Noir, Paranormal Mystery, Police Procedural, Political Thriller, Private Investigator, Psychological Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Spy Thriller, Techno Thriller, True Crime, Young Adult Mystery, Whodunit
  • Free Space: Yes
  • Free Space Text: Any Mystery
  • Free Space Description: “leave blank”
  • Free Space Placement: Center
  • Card Size: 5 x 5
  • Number of cards to create: 1
  • Click “Generate Bingo Cards”


2022 Mystery Genre Bingo Card

2 thoughts on “2022 Mystery Genre Bingo

  1. I enjoyed doing the 2021 Bingo, Darinda. I need to post my final update next week. As of now, I have two spaces left. I will probably give it a go again this year.

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