2019 Reading Wrap-Up

Yearly Wrap-Up

I had a fantastic bookish year! I met my reading goals for the year and read a lot of great books. The breakdown of my reading stats is below.


1. Read more books that I own.
I read some books that I own, but not as many as I had hoped. Still, I made some headway reading the books on my shelves at home.

2. Read 350 books this year.
I exceeded my goal this year.

3. Participate in reading challenges.
My goal was 9 reading challenges, which was a lot. I completed all of them, but it was definitely a challenge.

4. Finish more book series.
I didn’t track this goal very well. Based on my notes, I completed 9 series and caught up on 21 series.

5. Post 5 days a week on the blog.
I managed to hit this goal for most of the year, but I didn’t attempt to post daily in November and December.


Goodreads – 412/350 for the year
Audiobook – 50/50 completed in July
Colors – 18/18 completed in June
Genre Bingo – 24/24 completed in July
Library Love – 60/60 completed in October
Modern Mrs. Darcy – 10/10 completed in May
Netgalley & Edelweiss – 50/50 completed in July
Popsugar – 50/50 completed in September
Read Harder – 24/24 completed in October


Books Reviewed in 2019: 64
Books Reviewed All Time: 163
Book Approved All Time: 175
Feedback Ratio: 93%

Books Reviewed in 2019: 28
Books Reviewed All Time: 37
Books Approved All Time: 52
Feedback Ratio: 71%


· adult books: 369
· young adult books: 43
· middle grade books: 56
· children’s books: 120
· graphic novels: 39
· novellas: 18

For the stats below, I’m only looking at the 412 books that fell under the adult and young adult categories.

I read a lot this year… most months I read at least 30 books. My biggest reading months were September and October. My slowest reading months were November and December.

I primarily read fiction: 96% fiction and 4% nonfiction. I read 396 fiction books, and I favored adult novels (353 books) over young adult novels (43 books). For adult fiction, I heavily favored mysteries and thrillers (237 books). Other adult genres I read included sci-fi and fantasy (32 books), romance (22 books), horror (19 books), and contemporary (18 books). For young adult fiction, I favored sci-fi and fantasy (27 books). I read 16 nonfiction books. Of those, most were biographies and memoirs (9 books).

I tried to catch up on some series reading in 2019, and did pretty well with it. I read 192 books that were part of a series.

I also tried to read more debut novels. Some novels were new releases and some were debut novels by authors I had read before. I read 53 debut books.

As for book format, I read 225 books (print and digital) and listened to 187 books.

Chart of the format of book read

I mostly read books between 300-399 pages in length. I didn’t read too many long novels, but I did get some checked off my reading list.

Chart of page length of book read

Most books I read were published after 2000. Of the 372 books published after 2000, 160 of those were published in 2019. Clearly, I focused on reading new releases.

Chart of publication years of book read

My greatest sources for books were OverDrive, Netgalley/Edelweiss, Kindle, and the library.

Chart of sources of book read

That wraps up my reading stats for 2019. My reading goals for 2020 will be posted tomorrow, January 1.

2 thoughts on “2019 Reading Wrap-Up

  1. What a great year Darinda. I got so bogged down with book blog tours, I did not get my challenges completed this year. I am changing my reading for 2020. I will be reading what I want, when I want.

    1. Thanks, Carla! It’s hard to get a lot of challenges done. I did too many last year, so I’m only doing a couple this year. Hope you have a great reading year! 😊

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