2018 Reading Wrap-Up

Yearly Wrap-Up

I had a fantastic bookish year! I started this blog and got more involved with the online book community. It’s been great connecting with other readers and book bloggers.

This year, I read more than expected… this was mainly due to a big jump in the number of audiobooks I listened to. According to Goodreads, my average rating was 3.6, so it looks like I enjoyed most of what I read. Tomorrow I will post my top ten books read in 2018. The breakdown of my other reading stats is below.


Goodreads – Read 467/450. For this challenge, I counted adult and YA books, ebooks, and audiobooks.
Popsugar – Read 50/50. Finished in October.
A – Z – Read 26/26. Finished in in May.
Colors – Read 15/15. Finished in October.
Genre Bingo – Read 24/24. Finished in June.
Modern Mrs. Darcy – Read 12/12. Finished in July.
Read Harder – Read 24/24. Finished in July.
Gilmore Girls – I finally finished reading the books in this challenge. I’ve now read all the books mentioned in seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls. Maybe next year I can finish reading the books from the miniseries.
Book Riot’s 100 Must-Read Hilarious Books – My goal was to read 35 books from this list, and that didn’t happen. I ended up reading 20 books. I stopped working on this goal during the year, so I’m not too upset that I didn’t read as many as planned.
Book Riot’s 100 Must-Read Books About Monsters – Like the above mentioned list, I had hoped to read 35 books. Again, that didn’t happen. I read 21 books from this list. And, again, I had stopped working toward this goal during in the year.


I joined Netgalley in 2017, but I signed up for Edelweiss in 2018. My goal for 2018 was to get my number of books reviewed on Netgalley up to 100, and I just barely made that happen. As for Edelweiss, I just wanted to sign up and read a few books. I plan to start reading more ARCs from there next year.

Books Approved: 107
Books Reviewed: 100
Feedback Ratio: 93%

Books Approved: 12
Books Reviewed: 6
Feedback Ratio: 50%


Below is a breakdown of my reading habits in 2018:

· adult books: 391
· young adult books: 76
· children’s books: 242
· middle grade books: 50
· graphic novels: 35
· novellas: 55

For the stats below, I’m only looking at the 467 books that fell into the adult and young adult categories.

I primarily read fiction: 10% nonfiction and 90% fiction. I read 48 nonfiction books. Of those, most were biographies and memoirs (20 books), self-help (11 books), and history (8 books). I read 419 fiction books, and I favored adult novels (345 books) over young adult novels (74 books). For adult fiction, I heavily favored mysteries and thrillers (219 books). Other adult genres I read included contemporary (35 books), sci-fi and fantasy (27 books), horror (25 books), and historical fiction (15 books). For young adult fiction, I favored sci-fi and fantasy (51 books), and most of that was fantasy (40 books).

I mostly read books written by authors from the US: 77% US and 23% other countries. I read 109 books by authors from other countries, most were from the UK (82 books). Since most books were originally written in English, only 14 (3%) of the books I read were translated from another language.

I preferred books written by female authors: 61% female and 39% male.

I don’t really prefer one book format over the others: 31% print, 34% ebooks, and 35% audiobooks. I do prefer reading over listening though.

Books less than 150 pages were included under novellas and not counted here. I mostly read books less than 400 pages in length.
· 150-299 pages: 140 (30%)
· 300-399 pages: 225 (48%)
· 400-499 pages: 67 (14%)
· > 500 pages: 35 (7%)

Most books I read were published after 2000:
· before 1800: 4 (1%)
· 1800-1899: 6 (1%)
· 1900-1999: 75 (16%)
· 2000-2019: 382 (82%)

Of the 382 books published after 2000, 142 of those were published in 2018 or will be published in 2019. Clearly I focused on reading new releases.

My greatest sources for books were Netgalley/Edelweiss (17%), the library (26%), and overdrive (36%). The remaining books were received from authors or publishers (4%), purchased (9%), or received from other sources (8%). The other sources were mainly Amazon’s First Reads, Kindle Unlimited, Goodread’s Giveaways, and Penguin’s First to Read.

That wraps up my reading habits for 2018. I plan to do more reading challenges in 2019. I enjoy the challenges, and I’m super competitive, so I feel the need to finish all the challenges I start… which results in a lot of books being read. My reading goals for 2019 will be posted on Wednesday, January 2.

8 thoughts on “2018 Reading Wrap-Up

    1. The number of books or that I geeked out and ran the stats? 😂 It’s way more than I planned at the beginning of 2018. More than I have ever read in one year. That’s why I upped my 2019 goals.

  1. Wonderful year in books Darinda. I love your presentation and the fact that you completed so many challenges. I am going to join you in a few of them this year. Happy New Year.

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