Review Policy

Nightcap Books is NOT currently accepting books for review. I will be accepting review requests again after the first of the year.

What I review:
- thrillers
- crime fiction
- cozy mysteries
- contemporary
- young adult

What I occassionally review:
- children's
- middle grade
- graphic novels
- science fiction
- fantasy
- horror
- women's fiction
- historical fiction

What I don't review:
- nonfiction
- audiobooks
- poetry

When considering books to review, I look at the title, genre, blurb, and cover... yes, I judge books by their covers.

I accept both physical and ebooks for review. I read ebooks on a Kindle Oasis, so please send books in a format that is compatable (mobi or pdf).

I will include the source (author, publisher, etc.) of the book in my review.

I will post a review on Goodreads, Amazon, and my blog. I promote books on Twitter and Instagram, but I don't include all reviews on those those social media sites.

I do not promise a positive review. I will review the book honestly, and sometimes that results in a negative review.

Due to my current reading schedule, it takes me 4-6 weeks to review a book from the time I receive it. For books not yet published, I will try my best to post a review on or before the publish date.

You may contact me at or through Goodreads. I attempt to answer every review request, whether I decide to review it or not.

Last updated November 8, 2018.